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#ForTheWin: Bumble Inc. Pilots A Bold Second Move

Week of 3/11-3/15, 2024

What's The Deal: Bumble Inc. (NASDAQ: BMBL), the popular dating app known for women making the first move, recently made headlines when its CEO, Lidiane Jones, announced that the company is rethinking its position on its core feature.

What They Got Right: Despite the potential for Bumble's announcement to disengage its customer base, Jones' messaging proved strategically sound. She highlighted a shift in societal norms (since Whitney Wolfe Herd founded the company a decade ago), acknowledging that a subset of female customers now perceive the requirement for women to initiate conversations as an additional burden in the already intricate world of online dating. Jones framed the decision as a proactive response to evolving user preferences, especially in a sensitive area like dating dynamics. In doing so, she communicated both brand relevance in a shifting cultural landscape and commitment to the company's core mission: empowering women to navigate dating safely. By introducing the idea through communications channels, Bumble had the opportunity to assess user sentiment and market reception before full implementation. An added benefit? Openly discussing the reconsideration of its approach builds consumer trust and strengthens the company's reputation as a well-deserved industry leader.

What's The Watch Out?: Bumble will undoubtedly conduct a thorough review of the impact of Jones' announcement. However, as with any significant shift in strategy, there may be lingering concerns among its stakeholders. Should it choose to move forward with a product revamp, Bumble must ensure it stays transparent and keeps its external communications focused on its customers when addressing any potential issues that arise. 

For these reasons, we recognize Lidiane Jones, Gabrielle Ferree, and Bumble's communications team #ForTheWin.

Disclaimer: Bumble Inc. is not a Perceptual Advisors LLC client.

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