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Finding the Ideal Cut

Much like the gemstones they showcase, building this iconic luxury brand required years of performing under pressure.

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth, roughly 100 miles below the surface. That’s not exactly a part of the earth we have direct access to, or can easily sample. What we do know is that it’s very, very hot, and there’s a lot of pressure bearing down. We also know that the right elements need to be in place, and the wrong ones need to be absent so that the pure beauty of these natural elements can have an opportunity to be discovered and come to life. I emphasized opportunity because discovering a diamond and creating a stunning, valuable asset are two, very different discussions. How does this relate to building a brand? I’ll explain.

There are regions in the world that lend themselves to mining. Different gemstones naturally occur in different parts of the world. So we know where to look. However, circumstances had to have taken place millions of years ago so that we have the opportunity to discovery a semi opaque, very rough grouping of crystals that frankly doesn’t look like much to the untrained eye. That’s where the work begins. After millions of years under intense heat and pressure, volcanic eruptions deep within the earth have pushed these elements closer to the surface so that the next part of their journey can begin. These stones are collected and the finest of craftsmen with decades of experience bring them to life. They cut away what’s not necessary or doesn’t provide value. They study and scrutinize what already exists, refining and polishing the stone to bring out its beauty and strengths. They shape it so that it captures and reflects light brilliantly, and surround it with precious metals and complementary stones so that it’s compelling and simply beautiful in its final form.

Lugano Diamonds was founded in Newport Beach, California in 2004, rooted in family history since 1965. What started as a small operation with a half dozen employees in a 400sf office became a $300M acquisition in 2021. Analogous to the journey of a precious gemstone, this business was formed many years prior to its “unearthing” in 2004 and had a quite humble presence to the untrained eye. That’s where the work began. Years of refining the business through thoughtful branding and strategic partnerships slowly, yet consistently, brought the business to life. Studying and scrutinizing what was already there, cutting away what was not necessary, and surrounding the business with key components like dynamic consultants and team members to open new markets and foster new relationships, allowed the business, like a diamond, to ultimately flourish and shine, brilliantly.

When building an iconic brand, having the ability to recognize the right elements while cutting away what is not necessary is critical. Doing this for a prolonged period of time under a fair amount of pressure can be quite rewarding.